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When people think of STEM, they rarely think of Black women. Why not? One estimate claims that only 2.9% of STEM graduates are Black women.

The Shuri Effect explores the complex reasons why there are so few Black women in STEM, the inspiring ways they have continued to be pioneers, and what we all can do to change the situation. The book delves into gendered and racial attitudes and how they both feed into the lived experiences and statistical realities.

Lauryn Mwale's The Shuri Effect is a must-read if you are a Black woman looking to see yourself and your experiences on the page or are interested in race, gender, and pursuing equity based on those identifiers. The representation gap for Black women is a result of broken systems, and we need to understand and change the status quo.

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To meet some inspiring Black women in STEM, follow the link below.

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The Stemettes Say What? podcast is for young women and non-binary people entering the world of STEM careers. We chat to STEM role models about their experiences and pick their brains on ways we can all succeed as we progress in our careers.

This 12-part series is an intervention by Stemettes. Throughout the , we will be discussing your experiences in STEM careers, the various routes into STEM and all the advice you wish you had known along the way.

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